Wednesday, December 9

Braided Hair

Yesterday they started to braid my hair. I sat on a mat from 8 AM to 3 PM and three people worked on it. They are about halfway done. Dreadlocks are much more painful, though these still aren't the most comfortable to sleep on.

I also stopped by Pearl Microfinancing in Mukono town. I wanted to get in touch with a group I support online through Kiva. Within an hour, the group's leader had come to campus to find me. The group sells used clothing and uses loans from international supporters to stock up in between seasons. I wanted to sell my clothes at a very cheap price (since USP doesnt let us give things away) to Rose. I met with her, and she asked me to bring the clothes I won't be taking home to her place on Friday. It has been cool to personally interact with a microfinance group I support.

When I went home with Suzan I started packing clothes. She slaughtered a chicken which Papa had been given by a relative when he went to get Sarah's school papers signed in Soroti. When you eat chicken in Africa, you are eating an honorable meal. Yes, you pick around bones and organs which you can't identify to get the meat, but it is still delicious.

This morning was the last time we will see Papa, unless Dean or I return to the country. God willing we will return sometime.

Today I am going back to the salon for them to (hopefully) finish my hair.

It's weird not being able to wash hair when showering.


Cindi said...

Suzan will need to come visit when our chickens stop laying and teach us the skill! Also, braids like that in the US are easily $100. You leave practically bald & come back with this. LOL. too funny. Can't wait to see you!

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