Thursday, December 10

Hair = done, School = done

Yeah, I finished my braids and my classes - all academic and hair obligations yesterday. Today I will go into town to get one adungu repaired, look for a bag to buy so that I can sufficiently take everything on the plane that I want to take back, and then put music on Suzan's computer. Tonight is the Farewell dinner at Mark's where all of our families come together with us.

Tomorrow I will meet with Rose whose microfinance group I support to sell her some dirt-cheap clothes (since the program doesn't let us give stuff away). I also have a ton of medicine I didn't open this whole semester so maybe I can bum it off to some local clinics. I'm having trouble packing the things I have haha. Suzan asked for chocolate for Christmas (Africans are easy to please!), so I'll also pick some chocolate up for her.

Saturday morning we get picked up to leave for debrief in Entebbe, which means that after tomorrow the only way of contacting me until a week from now will be by calling my phone.


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