Monday, December 7

I aced that jank

So I just had exams straight from 9 AM to 3 PM. Not fun on the wrist. Lots of objective, short answer, matching, and then of course four essays total with many points and sub-points to be made.

First was Old Testament from 9-12. Easier than I thought. I studied a decent amount. Wrote essays about the Decalogue's purpose today and modern lessons from Hosea.

At 12:10 was New Testament. Wrote essays on how Luke depicts Jesus' ministry to the marginalized and how Paul's statement 'Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial' is relevant to idolization today. The examples of modern day idols I used were Wealth, Television, Safety, and Education. It was really fun to write and think about but my wrist is sore.

I don't know when I'll know my final grades. Those exams are 50% of each class and it's hard to know how to get good marks in Uganda classes.

Oh I forgot to tell you about the weekend because I was so excited for finishing all schoolwork. Saturday USP played Honors College in olympics. I only played frisbee because I love playing that game. Well, I went to church with Suzan Sunday and then she cooked me some delicious food. I gotta take this cabbage preparation recipe back to the states. I don't even like cabbage in the states. Then I went home to study for these exams which I just demolished.

So here's the outline for the coming week:

Tuesday (tomorrow) - get hair braided. I had to buy the hair and pay three workers to braid it in for me, so for the total cost of them working 8 AM to 3 PM and for the hair, I paid $15. I also want to stop by Pearl Microfinancing to try to locate a microfinance group I support so I can sell them some of my used clothes at a really cheap price. The group of 20 sells used clothing and uses microfinancing funds to stock up in between seasons, so I think it'd be cool to meet someone from the group personally and be able to help tangibly.

Wednesday - Semester wrap-up for classes. WE're having a small group discussion on Politics and Peace which for me is a very exciting topic.

Thursday - get adungu repaired. Farewell dinner at Mark's where all host families meet us there.

Friday - no plan. Probably hang out with Suzan for the last day.

Saturday - depart for debrief in the morning.

We'll be staying in Entebbe for a few days of debrief. I don't think I'll have contact then, unless you call me. We'll fly out on Dec 15 and reach DC Dec 16 around 4 or 5 PM, at which point I believe Jeremy will pick me up and take me to learn/write songs for a show before Christmas. Never a dull moment.

Christmas party tonight! There's no snow here. Really, there's no snow.

I have about 5 dollars left to spend. Crap.


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