Saturday, December 19

Jet Lag

I got up around 6 AM this morning, which is good because I got to run into the various members of Jeremy's family as they are much earlier risers than teenagers who play music. The past few days have been slightly rough on my body. Two nights ago I only wanted to sleep for 3 hours. Jet Lag is still there.

The transition to eating Subway, Neato Burrito, etc etc is difficult. It's freaking great food, but I've probably farted over 100 times in the past few days, and all of them have smelled gross, causing me to distance myself as much as possible from my friends.

In Africa, we laugh because rain stops everything. Functions don't go on because of a light sprinkling. In America, we have something called snow, which is very cold. I'm supposed to record vocals today, but I'm up before the other band members wondering whether that will be possible, as the drive is from Mt. Holly Springs to Lemoyne.

The good news is, Jeremy's mom is a self-proclaimed health nut. I've been able to eat granola with milk, eggs, tea, green stuff, you name it. But that's only in the mornings. After that, I'm out of the house with a band obligation.

We have a performance in Lemoyne/Harrisburg on Tuesday. It's gonna be great, and the music these guys have created is amazing. I wouldn't trade it for another sound. I feel like I need to be a leader and all because Jeremy and I are the old ones with a somewhat larger amount of life-experience.

Our producer Scott Hoon of Gun for Hire is doing an awesome job with our sound. I can't wait to hear the mix he has been working on today. One thing that America has better than every other place on Earth is the music scene, hands down. It's so talented, diverse, etc. I mean, there's also a lot of opportunities for musicians so you often hear crappy stuff, but no one can argue that overall the best music comes from here. It's so innovative and creative.

Everything here is expensive. Mom gave me $20 when I arrived and I only have 1 dollar and some coins left over. It's weird. But at least now I can respond like a true American and use plastic.

Jeremy's mom is off to their church, which do an awesome program Christmas service for the poor children of the community. Providence is having trouble dealing with heating costs, so the service, if it isn't snowed out, will be held at Hanover High School tomorrow morning. That'd be cool if our whole band could go together, but we'll see.

At this point I'm just rambling, but I'll post a link to our music as soon as we have the finals of the recordings. We just have to lay down vocal tracks and some tracks for small instruments like xylophone.


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